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 Most people may think that there are few insects in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. But it is not true. Unlike eastern part of highly urbanized area, there are mountains, rivers, forests and farmland in western part. Even in central Tokyo are there several parks with forest which provide habitat for insects. According to TKM (Tokyo-to Hondo-bu Konchu Mokuroku Sakusei Project), which are making the list of insects in Tokyo, 10515 species have been recorded (up to Aug. 9th, 2016).

 However, we can't see all the insects ever recorded---some species have become extinct, with few specimens left, because of loss of their suitable habitats in compensation for our development. Waterbeetle Cybister japonicus, for instance, became extinct by 1980s in Tokyo although it had been very popular in paddy in 1950s.

 On the other hand, some insects have immigrated from adjascent area and have become popular even in highly urbanized area. Powdered Oakblue Narathura bazalus, for instance, have moved northward from southern Japan and are now very popular.

 Insects fauna in Tokyo is continuously changing. What I am most interested in is, "Are they still alive, or already extinct?" For example, about 290 species of longicorn beetles have recorded from Tokyo, but some are known only one record or one specimen stocked. With the belief that they are still alive in unexplored area I have surveyed in Okutama-cho, western part of Tokyo, since 2002.

 Sorry to say that most contents in this website are Japanese, but you can see many photos of insects. I hope you will understand that there are still many insects in Tokyo.

Cybister japonicus

Narathura bazalus


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